Maximizing Your Veterinary Practice’s Economic Position with Veterinary Practitioner, Attorney and Founder of Veterinary Business Advisors, Inc., Dr. Charlotte Lacroix

Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD

Former equine practitioner turned attorney, Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD is a business consultant who specializes in the veterinary industry. She and her team frequently work with veterinary practice owners on presenting their practice to prospective buyers. Dr. Lacroix’s business strategy and tough negotiating skills often help the seller achieve a much higher purchase price than they would have otherwise obtained on their own. In 2020, VBA facilitated practice sales totaling over $227 million. Their clients included both GP and multi-specialty practices, from small animal to equine, in geographic areas throughout the United States. “Our goal is to maximize the value proposition and return on investment that practice owners are seeking,” says Dr. Lacroix.

Dr. Lacroix and her team at Veterinary Business Advisors, Inc. work with practices of all sizes. The relationship with the client often begins with the review of an Associate’s first employment contract. Many doctors return years later for help with purchasing their first practice and forming a business entity. Then, they may have an Associate buy-in to their practice and return to VBA for assistance with drafting the necessary agreements for that transaction. As that owner approaches the final years of his/her veterinary career, they will often receive correspondence from interested corporate buyers and return to VBA for assistance with selling their practice.

Dr. Lacroix and her team of professionals also assist in areas such as practice start-up, mobile practices, telemedicine, drafting employment agreements for owners, HR consulting services and employee manuals, the negotiation of equipment leases or reference lab contracts, the creation of a strategic business plan, forming a partnership and drafting an agreement, and succession planning.

Dr. Lacroix sees herself as a Risk Management negotiation coach, and often helps clients navigate through risk, while supporting them through their day-to-day operational concerns. VBA also conducts cultural assessments, addresses manager compliance concerns and assists management with employee behavioral issues, including terminations.  VBA’s sole focus on the veterinary industry allows them to be at the forefront of current trends. Dr. Lacroix and her team of professionals pride themselves on their understanding of the intricacies of veterinary operations and its profit dynamics, making Veterinary Business Advisors truly a unique firm. In 2020, Dr. Lacroix and her team became Risk Management and HR Expert Consultants to the veterinary practitioners who are members of Ask Jan For Help, LLC. Members who are in need of HR or business advice can choose to access the benefits of Veterinary Business Advisors via a personal referral from Ask Jan For Help.