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Veterinarians, practice managers, and owners sometimes need answers from an expert. We have consultants in almost any non-medical field you might need help with: practice operations, accounting, HR, finance, risk management and regulatory compliance, to name a few.

Ask Jan will put you directly in touch with someone who can help!

How does Ask Jan work?

Ask Jan gives you access to a diverse network of consultants with no strings attached. You can bank monthly credits and use them all at once for a big project, like your tax preparation, or use them for smaller services over time. It’s the perfect way to budget for the help you need to grow your business.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Jan’s nationwide network of expert consultants cover most business topics within the animal health industry.

Practice Operations

The wide-ranging specialty encompasses everything from scheduling and appointment workflow to staff and inventory management. Ask Jan’s founding principle is that a simple question and answer can make a world of difference, and with your membership you’ll be able to ask as many questions as you like and get answers from the best practice management talent in animal health.    

Human Resources

People are the heart and soul of every practice, but sometimes you need advice from an outside expert, or your practice needs an HR professional, but can’t justify someone full time. Ask Jan has you covered. With your membership, you’ll be able to get answers to your HR questions from credentialed HR professionals who have experience in the veterinary industry, with all of its unique considerations. If you need more HR support, you can use your Ask Jan credits towards an HR Mini-Retainer or Power Project.

Finance & Accounting

Financial matters are a constant source of uncertainty in a veterinary practice. Tax questions, corporate equity grants and government programs like PPP are just some of the issues our financial experts are fielding on a daily basis. Quarterly or annual tax preparation is the perfect way to spend your accumulated Ask Jan credits, since it’s something every business needs, and the CPAs that we will put you in touch with are experts in the veterinary field.

Regulatory Compliance

Controlled substances are a potential risk to your people and your practice. The Ask Jan network is uniquely qualified to handle questions about Federal and State regulations governing safe narcotics storage, handling, and reporting. Practice inspections (conducted by former DEA diversion investigators) are also available as an additional service.

Build, Buy or Start A Practice

What’s your plan for becoming a practice owner? Ask Jan has recruited the best, most experienced professionals in the industry to help you reach a conclusion uniquely aligned with your needs. From architectural consultation to start-up planning, our experts will give you the insight you need to maximize your investment.

Value or Sell Your Practice

Every practice sale starts with a valuation, but it’s best practice is to have your practice valued at least every three years. Whether you’re just starting to chart your transition or you’re close to the finish line and need an unbiased opinion, the Ask Jan network gives you access to the valuation and transition experts that are here to help.

Risk Management

There’s no substitute for a JD. Many veterinarians face potential threats to their medical license or their practice which require input from an attorney. While Ask Jan itself does not provide legal advice, we can forward your question on to one of the law firms in our network. These veterinary-focused firms have associates who are members of the American Veterinary Medical Law Association, many of whom have both DVM and JD degrees.

Marketing & Reputation

Keeping your appointment book full and your ratings high is a constant challenge. With Marketing services from Ask Jan’s network of experts, you can explore new marketing channels to raise your practice profile and find happy customers to publicly weigh in on their experience with you as a provider.


A good mentor can be hard to find—it’s critical to have great people in your life who aren’t directly tied to your career. Ask Jan will match you with someone who can provide a non-biased second opinion on how you can balance work, family and career advancement, and achieve what you’re after in Veterinary Medicine. It all starts with a great team, and the team begins with you.

IT & Data Security

Looking to outsource all or some aspects of your practice’s IT functions? The Ask Jan network can provide your practice with continuous cyber security monitoring, vulnerability risk assessment, threat intelligence and data backup \ recovery services. We can help you navigate the AVMA PLIT cyber security insurance and data compliance requirements, such as the CA Consumer Protection Act or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Capital Contracts & Prepurchase

Making large purchasing decisions is never easy, with diagnostics contracts often totaling hundreds of thousands in obligations over six years or more. Ask Jan has access to experts who know capital purchases and the veterinary diagnostics industry inside and out, who will give you the insider knowledge to drive the best value you possibly can for your practice.

Team & Career Building

There’s no place better than Ask Jan network to find the perfect fit for your team. Our recruiters have nationwide access to the top talent in the industry, and they’re a terrific resource for anyone who needs another team member or to take their career to the next level.

Exotic Animal Medicine

If you want to help owners of non-traditional (exotic) pets find excellent care, fill a huge gap on the veterinary market, all while bringing more profits to your practice, just click here to learn more.

House Call Vet Academy

Being a house call vet can mean greater control in almost every area of your career, including the way you are able to care for your patients (and yourself). This online CE course is a blueprint and roadmap for weary, lost, or compassion-fatigued veterinarians looking for another way.

Why Ask Jan? [click for an in depth explanation]

Each time you Ask Jan a question, we’ll select the right member of our team and have them call you with the answer. If you’ve ever looked for professional help online, you know how hard it can be to find someone—sifting through pages of Google listings trying to pick a name is pretty brutal. Ask Jan has built the world’s best network of credentialed experts, each one vetted and selected as the top of their field, so we’ve already done the legwork for you.

There’s zero awkwardness. A free conversation with a professional usually comes with an unspoken expectation – that it could be the beginning of a fee-for-service relationship. The experts at Ask Jan will answer your questions without the uncomfortable implication.

We’re in your corner. Many veterinary practice groups provide robust legal, operational and HR support for their staff, but ultimately those professionals are beholden to their employer. Ask Jan provides an independent network that gives you truly independent opinions, a top-tier group of attorneys, accountants and others who will work for you – and only you – if you need them.

It helps you save for the future. Even though they ask pet owners to do it every day, investing in professional help isn’t easy for veterinary professionals. Considering a major change like practice sale or acquisition, or even asking a simple question – ‘am I managing my inventory efficiently?’- can seem overwhelming. With each month of your Ask Jan membership and the credits you earn, you’ll be saving toward work that can make a substantial change in your career.

Once your Ask Jan membership is active, you’ll be able to the Ask Jan network any question you like, via the Question Box – you can text, email or call, it’s up to you. We’ll route your question to a professional who is trained, experienced and/or credentialed in the appropriate field, and they’ll contact you directly with an answer.

How Does It Work? [click for more info on credits]

Ask Jan Credits: Every month, Members will receive a $100 credit toward any paid projects with our consultants – that’s $1 per month more than the monthly subscription cost. Those credits will accumulate for up to a year, allowing Ask Jan to act as a savings account for the expert help your practice needs.

Risk-free, Satisfaction Guaranteed: We only want super satisfied members for Ask Jan. Your membership is cancellable anytime, so there are no long term obligations or contracts. Try it, and you’re not fully satisfied, we will refund any subscription payment within 30 days.

You have questions, Ask Jan has answers.

We’ve assembled the best network of consultants in animal health, from accounting, regulatory affairs, practice operations, human resources and more, all ready at a moment’s notice to give you credentialed, personalized answers to your questions. An Ask Jan subscription gives you access to those experts, with every dollar of your monthly subscription saved to your account, available to spend toward a paid service with one of our consultants so long as you're a member.

On September 19, 2023, I took your Controlled Substances 101: How & Why You Must Comply! I want you to know that I admire and appreciate your work. You are very precise and clear with the information. Lorena

Jan is my hero this week for being a true partner and taking it personally. I feel very fortunate to have been able to work alongside her over the past few weeks and gain the incredibly useful knowledge that she has bestowed upon me. Her ability to train and develop compliant teams is admirable and I appreciate her guidance as we navigated through a very difficult and sensitive situation. She made me feel confident in knowing that I could replicate what I have learned in other hospitals under my supervision and realize the areas in which I was lacking. I can’t thank her enough for being genuine, sincere, reliable, and making me feel like I could contact her anytime if I ever had any questions. Her accomplishments in not only the veterinary industry, but the human side of medicine as well are impressive and ignite increased motivation in my own personal growth. It’s not every day you get to work alongside someone you look up to and I have been able to do just that.

I watched your controlled substances Zoom meeting on May 23. I must say, it was by far the best review of CDS law I’ve ever watched. I’ve already implemented a lot of changes! Thank You!

We were delighted to have your Controlled Substance 101: How & Why You Must Comply! California and DEA Regs Explained presentation. On behalf of the IAVMA board, I would like to say thank you for sharing your wealth of information. The presentation was above and beyond our expectations. Our vets appreciate the knowledge. Looking forward to working with you again. 

“Thanks so much for this presentation and your time. Very enlightening. I’ve been in the industry for greater than 10 years. Wow, has the game changed!”

“Great information – thank you!”

“Thanks so much for doing this every year!”

“Thank you! Excellent webinar!”

“This was fantastic! Thank you!”

“Thank you. That was very informative”

“Great presentation! Being a social worker, too, you did a great job around substance, addiction, and suicide. Factual, to the point, and listed a couple of many MH resources.”

“I rolled my eyes when she said 3 hours would breeze by, she was 100% right. Such a GREAT and CAPTIVATING talk. Thank you so much, Jan!”

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